Planet Source Turkesterone 1000 60 capsules

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Planet Source Turkesterone 1000 60 capsules

What Is Turkesterone?

Turkesterone, otherwise known as Ajuga Turkestanica Extract, belongs to the group of ecdysteroids. Ecdysteroids are naturally found in plants and arthropods. Research has shown them to be highly effective at building muscle and enhancing performance. These ecdysteroids are naturally found in food sources like quinoa, spinach, and yams.  However, the amount in these food sources is way too low to be effective.

Because of their unique mechanism and the fact that they may positively impact muscle growth, they’ve become popular amongst bodybuilders, athletes.

Increased Lean Muscle Gains

The main reason many users turn to Turkesterone is that it’s a powerful muscle building supplement. There are not many natural supplements that can effectively build muscle, which is what makes this ecdysteroid different. Ecdysteroids such as Turkesterone are said to improve muscle mass by increasing muscle protein synthesis.

Nonetheless, many users will vouch for Turkesterone’s muscle-building capabilities. Ask anyone that has taken it and they’ll point out that they gained at least a few lbs of lean muscle, which is impressive as a natural lifter.

Accelerated Muscle Recovery

Since ecdysteroids, including Turkesterone, may have the ability to raise muscle protein synthesis (MPS), you’re also likely to recover faster.

Recovery is crucial for multiple aspects of your performance, meaning it will be highly beneficial for this process to improve.

Many users point out that you’ll be able to handle more workload and intensity when taking it.

Increased Strength

Besides helping you increase lean muscle mass, this ecdysteroid is also said to help improve your strength and power.

During your cycle, you can expect to increase the weight on your compound lifts continuously.

It’s not unheard of to increase your lifts by between 20 to 30lbs. With that said, you will still need to eat and train properly in order to progress.