Planet Source Enhanced Vitamin C 1000 w/Quercetin, Acerola, Hesperedin, Rutin, Rose Hips 100 Tablets

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Vitamin C, Plus More - For a Healthier You! 
When your body needs an extra boost of immune-supporting vitamin C, reach for Planet Source Enhanced vitamin C 1000. With added quercetin, Acerola, Hesperidin, Rutin and Rose Hips in each tablet you can rest assured that your body is getting the maximum benefit from this powerful combination! Planet Source Enhance vitamin C 1000 will help to keep you feeling energized and healthy so that you can take on whatever life throws at you with ease! 
  • Concentration is about 7x greater than a traditional vitamin C supplement
  • Free from unsafe additives like sugar and gluten
  • Provides additional antioxidants to help fight off free radicals that cause oxidative stress in the body
  • Contains 1000 mg of vitamin C with added beneficial superfoods for enhanced nutritional benefits
  • IMMUNE BOOST FORMULA: Planet Source Enhanced vitamin C provides 1,000 mg of high potency vitamin C plus quercetin, rose hips, acerola bioflavonoids and works on a cellular level to support immune cells keeping your system strong in the face of seasonal changes
  • FREE RADICAL PROTECTION: Planet Source Enhanced vitamin C 1000 utilizes acerola, citrus Bioflavonoids and Rose Hips, all rich sources of vitamin C, to give your body an antioxidant boost and protect against free radicals while supporting immune cells to strengthen your system
  • ENHANCED ABSORPTION - Planet Source specially added a high amount of bioflavonoids to our Enhanced Vitamin C-1000 blend to increase the absorption of Vitamin C. Bioflavonoids and Vitamin C work in synergy to provide a targeted support for the immune system, brain, heart and joint health.
  • Anemia
  • Bleeding gums
  • Decreased ability to fight infection
  • Decreased wound-healing rate
  • Dry and splitting hair
  • Easy bruising
  • Inflammation of the gums
  • Nosebleeds
  • Possible weight gain because of slowed metabolism
  • Rough, dry, scaly skin
  • Swollen and painful joints
  • Weakened tooth enamel