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Who is Planet Source?

Founded in 1989, Planet Source is a nutraceuticals company offering natural supplements formulated with the highest quality, most effective ingredients.

Run from its distribution in South Florida, Planet Source is a leader in the national natural products market. We offer quality and value to our customers throughout the United States and across the world.

Planet Source is a family-owned business, and for nearly 3 decades we have been dedicated to encouraging health and well-being by using comprehensively researched and thoroughly tested ingredients.

How We Got Started

Our company began shortly after our founder and CEO became ill. Although he attempted to improve his health using conventional medicine, the results were minimal and he broadened his search into the health foods industry.

Through the study of natural ingredients and nutraceutical, the founder of Planet Source developed a personal detoxification remedy using a combination of herbs and fibers – and a commitment to living naturally was born. As his health improved, he used his newfound energy to create Planet Source and develop a number of the best-selling natural products we still sell today.

After almost 30 years, Planet Source continues to add new products and serve our customers world-wide. We have developed our commitment to our patrons and work daily to ensure its execution in all we do.


Our Commitment to You

We promise to:

  1. Provide Superior Quality Natural Products.
  2. Build and Maintain Trust with our Customers.
  3. Offer Transparent Information and Education.
  4. Exceed our Patrons Expectations in Sales & Service.
  5. Better our Community by Giving Back.