Planet Source Chlorophyll Concentrated Drops 2 Oz.

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The Power of Plant-Based Nutrition, Concentrated in Every Drop! 
Planet Source Chlorophyll Concentrated Drops 2 Oz. is the perfect way to give your body a natural boost of energy and vitality! Our premium chlorophyll drops are made with only the best ingredients, providing you with an easy, delicious addition to any juice or smoothie that helps reduce inflammation while supporting digestive health. With just 1 mL provides 100 mg per serving, you can start feeling better instantly - no hassle required! Enjoy all the benefits of improved energy and well-being with Planet Source Chlorophyll Concentrated Drops 2 Oz 
  • Contain 100% natural and organic chlorophyll to promote detoxification, increased energy, and improved digestive health
  • Comes in a convenient 2 ounce bottle for easy dosage control on the go or at home
  • Highly concentrated source of Chlorophyll and other phytonutrients from whole food sources to help support overall health
  • Add a few drops into your favorite beverage or use it as an ingredient while preparing homemade soups/smoothies/teas
  • Offering an easy way to get intense nutrition without sacrificing